Selling your home shouldn’t be a stressful ordeal. Making the smart move of choosing a REALTOR® is your first step to ensuring that your investment in your home pays off. My level of personal service and experience allows you to focus on your move while I manage your home sale from our initial consultation to the closing and beyond. I pride myself on repeat business and hope you’ll come to understand why. I have received a substantial number of reviews on Angie’s List and you can read my testimonials right here on my site.

  • Experience! I have been professionally marketing homes in Birmingham for over 28 years and consistently rank as a Top Producer. Additionally, I am a Life Member of the Club of Excellence and received  The Vulcan Award for consistent high volume production from the Birmingham Association of Realtors.
  • Know the Market! I set the trend and don’t follow it. As an experienced agent I know how to recognize and take advantage of market trends with innovative techniques to ensure the best possible sales price. You will always be informed about what is going on in the market as it happens and in many cases before it happens.
  • Home Staging! Long before staging became popular I practiced this art with fantastic results. My comprehensive home preparation plan is the most extensive in the business. I know what it takes to position your home so it appeals to the greatest number of buyers with maximum impact for each and every showing and each and every online view.
  • Video Tours & Virtual Tours! I have developed an eye catching video and virtual tool model that gives buyers exactly what they are looking for when searching for a home. Very few agents even use video tours but in today’s market you need to give buyers what they want and video is a must. Each of my listings feature a 3-5 minute full motion HD video tour that is linked to all the major real estate sites.
  • High Quality Print Material and Professional Ad Copy! I create full color brochures and flyers with professional print equipment using high quality paper stock for all my listings. I have found that many buyers will always come back to my properties because my advertising material stands out! In a competitive market we want your home to be the one most etched in a potential buyer’s mind.
  • High Quality Photographs! I use top of the line cameras and HD video equipment to ensure the photos and videos make your property stand out! I place the full compliment of allowable images on all of my marketing sites and take between 50-75 photos of each listing. I always make sure we get just the right angle, just the right light and just the right look. Most of my pictures are larger and superior in quality than what you typically see for real estate listings. When I have email inquiries I send extra photos to potential buyers in the best quality and size possible. I also link my listing photos to a 3rd party site that hosts images at increased resolution to attract even more views.
  • Internet click/view tracking! In today’s market many people are viewing your home from the comfort of their living room. It’s important to know how many times your home is coming up in searches, being clicked on for detail views and what images are being downloaded.  I have paid professional accounts at many sites including the big players like Zillow and Trulia which report on data metrics with a sampling of views, clicks, photo views as well as report video impressions and minutes watched. I report this information to you once per week so we can track together how many people have looked at your home and analyze my marketing efforts to return the maximum viewings possible.
  • Direct agent marketing! In today’s market, most transactions are completed by one broker representing the seller and one broker representing the buyer. If you are not marketing to other agents you are missing a substantial pool of potential buyers. I have compiled the most extensive targeted list of agent email addresses available and market my properties to other agents as well as the general public. I extract nearby listing data of competing homes to promote yours to other agents who are also working the area and keeping your home front and center for any of their potential buyers.
  • References and Referrals! There is no better testament to my work ethic and results than a satisfied client. I have included a number of past and present client reviews of my services and recommendations as an agent. Look in the testimonial section and read my reviews on Angie’s List.
  • Remax! Besides being the #1 Real Estate Company in the World, my office ONLY allows successful, professional and experienced agents to join. The entire staff in our office has been professionally trained to supplement our marketing efforts. Whenever you talk to any of the staff in our office you will know right away that everyone is committed to providing you with the best selling experience possible.
  • I am available and I work 7 DAYS A WEEK! The number posted on my signs is a direct contact cell phone number. Many agents are using office and voice mail numbers to screen calls. I am in a position to get every call that comes on your property and I am a tireless worker. I don’t use assistants and you will ALWAYS deal with me regarding your home and marketing.


If I represent you as a seller, here is a brief description of my services:

  • Complete a comparative market analysis and go over THE LISTING ROADMAP that will contain detailed information about current market conditions, competing homes currently for sale, approximate marketing time, compare your home’s value to those of your neighbors and recommend a list price and target sales price that we hit 97% of the time.
  • Prepare a detailed selling expense estimate showing your net dollars after closing fees, mortgage payoff and real estate taxes.
  • Explain the flow of the transaction including the home inspection process and walk you through each step from listing to closing.
  • Compile a comprehensive plan detailing all the efforts I employ to sell your home, including Internet and local media.
  • Walk you through the task of preparing your property for market including, as needed, the use of staging props.
  • Work with you and assist in staging your home to maximize its appearance for each showing.
  • Present your home to as many qualified buyers as possible assuring your home receives the maximum exposure available.
  • Assist with obtaining offers and help you negotiate the best deal as smoothly as possible. I will take every offer and reduce all the terminology to dollars and cents showing the bottom line money you will clear with each offer.
  • Help you find your next home and answer all of your questions about the local marketing area, including schools, neighborhoods, the local economy, and more.