• Hands down best realtor I’ve ever seen and we’ve seen a lot. Very helpful. Goes above and beyond to help you find the right house for your needs. Also he won’t try to get you into a house that’s above your budget just to make more money on you. Very knowledgable about the market and all things real estate from A to Z. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Mark & Brenda Russell 5557 Dry Creek Rd, Pell City, AL 35128
  • Sold our mom’s  house in record time!
    We needed to sell our mom’s house. We contacted Realtor #1, who turned out to be more hindrance than help. First, she suggested a price that we thought was low, but furnished no data to support her price—she just kept saying that the area was “downhill” and nobody would be interested. When we finally did get a buyer, the realtor failed to exercise due diligence and the entire transaction ended. After parting ways, we found Dan Cannon on Angie’s List and tried him. Wow, what a difference. Dan showed up armed with information: comparisons of houses sold within the past 4 years, data about houses currently on the market, and suggestions for realistic pricing. In fact, he suggested that we price the house higher than the first realtor’s number. We followed his advice about staging the house (was not as difficult as we thought). He advised us as to what repairs/changes to make and what to not worry about. Dan spent 3 hours taking videos/photographs of the property and put together a killer online presentation that was posted on every real estate site imaginable. Within 72 hours we had 3 offers. We accepted a full price offer from solid, motivated buyers and closed in under 3 weeks. The appraisal came in a couple of thousand dollars higher than the selling price—always a good thing. Closing was a breeze. We made $9K more on the sale of the property with Dan representing us than if we had used realtor #1. We plan to use Dan in future real estate transactions. We have moved up and down the eastern seaboard and have bought and sold property about a dozen times over the past 10 years. Dan is, hands down, the bestrealtor with whom we have ever worked. Dr. Rita Jablonski, Birmingham, AL 35242
  • I have nothing but the highest praise for Dan Cannon. He was concerned for our needs and did not try to hard sell or rush me into making a decision. In fact, I enjoyed his company. Helen Thacker 2405 Lester Ln Hoover, Al 35226
  • Dan looked at my rental unit and advised me in terms of what I might rent it for, the condition of the premises and the neighborhood and though he charged me nothing, did an outstanding job including some research as to the prior ownership and sale listings.  I couldn’t have asked for more reliable service and he got nothing in return, unless it was satisfaction of helping a fellow human being, who was a total stranger asking for opinions based on a lawyer’s recommendation. Norman Tanner 312 N 300 W
    Mapleton, UT 84664
  • He is great. I recommended him to other people. He is the best real estate agent I ever met. He put together a book of all the comps in the area. It was very thorough and it showed what my house should sell for. He talked about improvements and he said if I did this, this and this, then this is what my house would sell for. It was very detailed. I ended up not moving so I didn’t have to pay him anything. Lisa Robinson 1251 Spring Garden Street INDIAN SPRINGS, AL 35124
  • My husband and I decided to sell our garden home in April of 2012, and due to the condition of the market, we felt like we had to try the for-sale-by-owner route. Paying an agent’s commission seemed impossible knowing that our house had depreciated by $10-12k in the 4 years we’d lived there. But after little interest and the constant “Are you willing to consider lease-to-own?” question, we determined that we needed to try something else. In July, we hired an agent who was a friend of ours.We felt good about hiring someone we knew; we felt confident that this agent would want what’s best for us. So, we agreed to let her list the house (and continue to help us in our search for our next home). We got the home on MLS, and we started to generate some traffic in the first week. However, as the “new listing” status wore off, everything slowed, and we couldn’t determine what (if anything) was being done to properly market and promote our home. That, in conjunction with having our agent arrive late to numerous appointments, getting addresses confused etc., we determined (again) that we needed to try something else. At the end of August, we started our quest for a new agent.We wanted a professional, proven agent, and we didn’t really know where to start. So, we turned to Angie’s List in hopes of finding someone with positive reviews. After contacting 3 agents, we set up interviews. We wanted someone to earn our business, and didn’t want to fall victim to another agent who treated this whole process as more of a favor than an actual service. Dan was our first interview; he showed up on time, explained his typical process for marketing a home, and handled the meeting professionally. He indicated that he wanted to work us up a market analysis as well as some suggestions for staging our home, so we planned for him to come back later that week. After he shared his suggestions on how to position our home and his ideas on simple ways to improve our showings (adding lamps, staging the backyard, and playing soft music in the background), we decided he was our guy.We listed our house on 9/1/12 with Dan, and he provided us with weekly metrics that detailed what kind of website traffic our house was getting on a daily basis. We generated a lot of additional showings, and we were always able to get feedback from the buyer’s agent. On 10/8/12 (a pretty slow time for the market), we got our first offer on the house. We were able to make more progress in that one month than we did in the previous 5 months combined. And after some negotiations, we agreed on a number and closed on the house on 11/2/12.Based on Dan’s professionalism in getting our house sold, we felt confident in asking him to help us find our next home. And that he did (despite every possible headache and aggravation that comes along with foreclosures and banks etc.). Most agents would’ve hit the road after all of the issues we dealt with; however, Dan stuck with us. We closed on our home in May, and we couldn’t be more thankful to have this process completed.To all of those who, like me, came to Angie’s List looking for a good realtor, I would suggest contacting Dan Cannon. This area is full of agents who don’t really know what they’re doing. But Dan’s experience and knowledge were evident throughout the 9 months we worked with him. Simple things like showing up on time, giving accurate info, promptly responding to emails/calls/texts really go a long way. Not to mention, he has a proven sales history that speaks for itself. Overall, we feel confident that we made the right decision to work with Dan, and we will exclusively work with him in the future. Allison Sanford 306 Hidden Creek Trail Pelham, AL 35124
  • Our experience with Dan was spectacular!  I wasn’t quite sure whether we wanted to move but I took the next step, found him on Angie’s list and gave him a call just to get his opinion on our unique situation.  Dan was glad to meet with us and lay out the facts as they were, not necessarily as we wanted to hear them.  He was honest in determining the reasonable market value of the home in which we were living and we felt that the house would definitely sell for the price he suggested. When it came time to look for houses, we simply told Dan the areas in which we wanted to look, and our price range, and our required features and he compiled a list of all houses that met our criteria.  Amazingly, we fell in love with the first house we saw.  Dan was adamant that we continue looking at all the other houses to be sure. He kept us from making a quick decision that could have hurt later. He always kept our best interests as his number one priority. We looked at all the other houses on the list and are glad we did. When it came time to make an offer, Dan put in a lot of work to make sure we had a good strategy before we submitted the initial offer. We felt fully prepared for whatever the outcome would be from the first negotiation.  Best of all, Dan’s detailed research on the actual market value of the home on which we made the offer assured us that we would not have buyer’s remorse down the road. The strategy was a success and my wife and I just celebrated our two month anniversary of living in our beautiful new home. I hope Dan stays in this business for a long time to come because I want him to be there for any future real estate purchases we might make.
    Bottom Line:  I highly recommend Dan Cannon as your next real estate agent.
    Robert Reach
    22893 Country Ridge Pkwy
    Mc Calla, AL 35111
  • I cannot express how please we were to have worked with Dan Cannon. Moving from out of state and with limited time to look for homes here in the Birmingham area, Dan truly went out of his way to find the “right” home for us. He was extremely thorough, responded quickly to my (numerous) calls and emails, and really went above and beyond in the search. For instance, when I was out of town and not able to be at the home for my inspection, Dan went in my place and took digital pictures of the inspection findings and promptly emailed them to me so we could prepare the write-up for the seller. Another time while I was in town, he found prior buyers from the builder of the house that we ultimately purchased, so that we could learn how their buying experiences had been, as Dan had not worked with his particular builder previously. These are just a few examples of the many ways that Dan truly provided us with a total professional service during our house search. I am more then happy to act as a reference of referral if ever needed. Although we do not look forward to moving again, if and when that even happens we will most assuredly use Dan Cannon. Again, I cannot emphasize enough how please my wife and I were to have worked with Dan. With all the stress of moving from another state, we truly appreciate his willingness to make our house hunting experience as easy as possible. Sean Johnson, Hoover, Al
  • Very good agent. Knows the market. I have used him to buy 7 homes and sell 3 homes in the last 25 years. John Patton
    456 Marywood Lane Birmingham, AL 35226
  • I am a registered professional engineer as well as a licensed real estate broker in another state. I know the rules of the road and the tricks of the game – but only a fool self represents. My wife contacted a few different realtors and frankly, most of them were a touch flaky, didn’t have the time, etc, etc, etc. Frustrated by lack of performance, we researched on Angie’s List.  We chose two Realtors and interviewed both. Both were top notch, we chose Dan. Dan spent several days (over a period of 2 months) with us as with us as we sifted through the market. Working together Dan wrote a very aggressive offer on a new home. He followed through in negotiations and we got a very good buy. He provided multiple referral of inspectors, attorneys, etc all very good in the field. He research taxes, title, deed, market analysis, local comparable properties and provided beneficial insight into the purchase. Dan also possesses the ability to steer you the right way – when you are headed down the wrong path. He followed through all the way and including at the closing table. Dan is a top notch realtor. Matthew King 515 Margaret Ln Calera, AL 35040