Video Vault

NOTE: Ive removed all the videos here for privacy and security reasons. All of them contained video and content from clients homes that were no longer on the market and shouldn’t have their homes shown here.

STAGING! This video will remain near the top of the page because my sellers know the importance of a properly staged home. I include “NO CHARGE” staging services for all my sellers and when you see my Listing Roadmap you will know the impact staging can have on the speed and price of a sale.

SMART HOMES – SAVING MONEY & HOME SECURITY! This video gives a brief overview of something we can all take advantage of today. The internet in combination with our smart phones gives us the ability to control many of the daily functions we take for granted. Lights, temperature, garage doors and access are only a few of the automation advancements we can use in todays world. I have a very comprehensive list of Smart Home benefits that can be valuable in our daily living.

CEILINGS! They are easy to ignore when it comes to appeal but a ceiling should not be overlooked as a possible place to add design touches or prepare a home for sale. Even if you have popcorn ceilings there are things you can do to enhance the look. This video has some good ideas on the potential of ceilings and the impact on your homes interior design.

MOVING & Kids – the great dilemma! Making a move impacts the entire family and especially children of all ages. Here is some insight on how you can prepare your kids for a move.

PETS! As a Pet Lover and Pet Owner myself, dealing with pets as a seller is difficult. Regardless of how friendly your pet is they are ALWAYS a distraction to any showing. The only pet that is not a distraction is a pet not seen. Cat owners know that some of their felines will hide and thats fine but Ive never known a dog to hide. It is absolutely CRITICAL to make arrangements for your dog during showings or you will lose the impact of that showing and may never get it back.